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Students in Computer Class

Computer Skills Training

In the age of modern technology, computer skills are a necessity. Whether for work, school, or everyday life, the world is filled with computers and technology. 

Every Monday morning from 9:00am to 12:00pm, we will have facilitated computer classes for a low-cost of $5 per session.
Each session will rotate weekly and cover the following topics:
•    Computer Basics: Learning how the parts of a computer, how to turn it on/off, navigating your desktop and file explorer. 
•    Search Engine and Email: Learning how to use your internet browser, find specific websites, Google terminology, creating and using email as well as cybersecurity awareness.
How to register? Very simple! Call our office at 587-802-8574 to reserve your spot or walk-in on Monday at 8:45am (4699 61st Street, Bay 7). 
Cannot afford the course? Please contact us and we can discuss potential funding sources. 

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