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Our Story

Behind the Scenes

Here at Central Alberta Social Gaps Initiative, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. CASGI is a Division of Career Assistance Network (CAN) that was started in 2022 to help CAN better assist diverse populations in Central Alberta. By offering training to that goes beyond securing employment, CASGI aims to reduce poverty and help individuals become more involved in their communities. Together, we can Bridge the gap to a better tomorrow.

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Madison Boven

President & Founder

Madison helped create CASGI in 2022 after realizing the importance of Literacy in individuals' lives. From being able to read a menu, to helping a child with homework, to landing a well paying job, Literacy is the foundation.

Madison started working with Career Assistance Network, CASGI's sister company, in 2010 as the GED and Literacy Teacher. CASGI became her passion when she saw how rewarding essential skills training can be. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and aims to help as many people as possible in achieving their literacy and career goals. 


Sydney Ducharme

Treasurer, Secretary & Founder

Sydney started CASGI in 2022 when the limitations of for-profit companies became prevalent. The opportunity to provide services to all people was exactly what Sydney desired. 

Sydney started working for CASGI's sister company, CAN, in 2014 as the Business Operations and Employment Specialist. In this position, she learned all about the importance of essential skills, foundational knowledge, and employment readiness training. Sydney has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Career and Academic Advising. She plans to put her skills, experience and education to good use in growing CASGI programs.


Shaune Fandrey

Board Member

Shaune Fandrey joined CASGI in 2022 as an expert of social problems, employment readiness skills, and counseling. 

Shaune is a Director for Career Assistance Network and encouraged the creation of sister company, CASGI in 2022. She has owned CAN since 2003 and plans to apply her extensive experience has a business owner, social worker, and employment consultant to grow CASGI to offer more programs and solve more needs.


Ashton Selig

Marketing Lead

Ashton was brought on to the CASGI Project in 2022. She uses her diverse marketing background to promote events and programs, connect with corporate sponsors, and ensure CASGI's mission is known. 

Ashton started working for CAN, CASGI's sister company, in 2016. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Marketing and aims to spread the word about CASGI ensuring everyone has access so services.

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